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Considering Panasonic Solar’s HIT® Module system? Make sure to choose an Authorized Installer.

Lately, it seems, almost every solar installer in West Virginia is scrambling to sell Panasonic HIT Solar Modules. In a way, that makes sense. Panasonic certainly makes great modules.

But while all these installers are offering Panasonic modules, and can buy them at a number of distribution outlets, Panasonic has qualified only one company in the entire state of West Virginia to be an Authorized Solar Installer, and that’s Milestone Solar Consultants.

If you’re considering a Panasonic Solar system for your home or business – and there are many reasons why you should – there are also good reasons to choose an Authorized Installer.

The first reason is what Panasonic calls “Peace of Mind.” If you buy from an Authorized Installer, you can be assured that the installer has undergone an extensive vetting process. Key factors include training, product experience and professional certifications, including NABCEP Installer certifications.

The second is the Enhanced Warranty protection you get when you choose a Panasonic Authorized Installer. In its basic form, Panasonic’s industry-leading warranty coverage includes:

  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 25-year workmanship warranty

When you choose an Authorized Installer, you’re also covered by Panasonic’s Enhanced Labor and Shipping Warranty, which they describe as follows:

“Panasonic is so confident in its product that we back the HIT solar panel with an enhanced labor warranty when the system is installed by a Panasonic Solar Authorized Installer. This covers not only the cost of the replacement panel, but shipping and installation as well. Other companies may make the customer responsible for freight and labor charges. With Panasonic you’re protected every step of the way.”

What’s more, there are very specific technical aspects of the high-performance HIT modules that make it very important for customers to choose a highly qualified installer. The 96-cell HIT modules operate at unusually high voltages, making it imperative that the designer/installer select the right inverters, string sizes and conductors for this technology.

Authorized Installers have the training to make the right selections, but as an added safeguard against marginally qualified installers on your roof, I’d strongly recommend further vetting to choose a company that’s not only an Authorized Installer, but also has at least one NABCEP Certified Installer on its permanent staff.

Is all this simply self-serving? Maybe, sorta. But the risks of unqualified personnel designing and deploying high-performance, high-voltage solar systems like the Panasonic HIT are very real and potentially quite dangerous.

Choosing Panasonic HIT solar panels is a wise choice. We’ve been very pleased with the number of recent customers who have chosen them. So is choosing West Virginia’s only Authorized Panasonic Solar Installer – and the only West Virginia Installer with the NABCEP Installer and Technical Sales certifications.