Fully Licensed and Insured in West Virginia • Maryland • Pennsylvania • Virginia

A Milestone Solar system saves you worry in two ways

First, because it’s a solar system.

Solar systems have no moving parts to wear out. Their components are UL® certified and tested to withstand hail, hurricane-force winds, rainstorms and other kinds of severe weather. What’s more, they’re covered by 15- or 25-year manufacturers’ warranties. Solar energy saves you worry in other ways, too. It reduces your dependence on your local electric utility. And with a battery backup system, it can get you through outages with your refrigerator, freezer and other key appliances still running.

And second, because it’s a Milestone Solar system.

You don’t have to worry about being high-pressured into buying, because Milestone Solar doesn’t employ professional sales reps. Our “salesman” is our founder, who’s a professional project manager – so you get facts and straight answers instead of sales pitches. You don’t have to worry about your Milestone Solar system underperforming, because before we let you buy it, we conduct a free solar evaluation and on-site survey to make sure your home or commercial building is right for it. You don’t have to worry about getting what you paid for, because Milestone Solar gives you complete, detailed custom plans, itemized lists of materials and delivery schedules.

You don’t have to worry about rushed or slipshod work, because Milestone Solar gladly takes as long as we need to do your custom installation right, at no extra cost to you. By choice, we do dozens, not hundreds, of installations a year, so there’s no pressure to rush through your installation in time to start the next one. We take all the best practice quality steps – such as flashing all roof penetrations and installing the AC disconnect in a way that will never cut off all your power – that others don’t bother with.

And you don’t have to worry about what happens after the installation’s done and your system’s up and running. Milestone Solar follows up 45 days after finishing the job to make sure your solar array is performing as well as we promised. We never subcontract out installation work, so if your system ever needs any warranty work, it’ll be done a crew that knows your system because they installed it.