Choosing A Solar Installer Checklist

selecting a solar system installer Pennsylvania

12 Important Things to Ask When Selecting Your Solar System Installer

All solar installation companies serving West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland aren’t equal. Nor are all the solar panels and other components they install and the installation processes themselves..

Just one cheap cell in one cheap panel going bad can slash your whole solar energy system’s power output.

Cutting costs with one cheap central inverter cuts your warranty protection by 60%.

Cheap electricians without solar experience can make wiring mistakes that create fire hazards.

Rooftop solar panel installations are supposed to last for 25 years or more. With cheap components and cheap, inexperienced and unskilled labor, they won’t.

Installing a solar system safely and properly involves working with unusually high-voltage DC circuits and understanding things like temperature-corrected conductor selection, proper fusing and grounding, and proper string sizing. Most licensed electricians – even master electricians – without solar training and experience aren’t up to it.

So how do you choose a solar installer that is?

You can start by checking out online reviews from previous clients of the local installers you’re considering.

Then, here are 12 important things to ask about as you choose your solar installer. Please feel free to print out and use the checklist below, because the right answers will help you protect your investment, your home or business, and your family or employees.