You’ll like your Milestone Solar system

as much as these homeowners do:



Milestone had everything I was looking for

Thank you, Milestone, for completing a Solar System installation for our home. You easily backed up everything you represented to us in our consultations; in fact you exceeded our expectations! Prior to hooking up with your company I researched Solar Power for a while, and then consulted with about 8 different Solar companies. On my last go, I almost signed a contract till they substituted the Solar partner company they said they were utilizing, to a roofing company who had little to no experience dealing with Solar installs.

What I experienced during my time consulting with the larger, so-called # 1 sellers in the VA area was that the sales reps gave great influential presentations and were quite aggressive in coercing you to sign a contract, but after looking at the contracts, on paper, I found that their quotes were a bit overpriced , and did not provide the power needs I would need. Also, I did notice inferior no-name solar panels with lower efficiency and decay ratings were being quoted.

The smaller companies were more reasonably priced, and used better equipment as well, but some companies were out of state, and all had questionable company partner arrangements which made me feel uneasy.
Milestone had everything I was looking for. They were a small company who used their own employees for all installs they do. The amount of engineers on their staff was quite impressive, and the attention they gave to my concerns was a blessing! They only used the top quality panels and inverters which included the standard 25 year warranty, and their quoted price was well within the price of the other companies quotes!

My decision was very easy, and second place was far off! Thanks again, Milestone, and you have helped me find even more appreciation for sunny days!!

M.L., Stafford County, VA


Added storage to our legacy solar system

My application was approved and I just received a Maryland Energy Storage 2020 tax credit certificate for $5,000.

Thanks for working with me to get the inspections done and gather the correct paperwork.

Between this state tax credit and the 26% federal tax credit on next year’s tax return, I will be getting back about half the cost of the battery backup system.


D. T., Williamsport, MD

“I’ve been very happy.”

Just catching up on my email and wanted to say congrats on the 10 year anniversary! You can count me among the satisfied Milestone customers during that period. I’ve been very happy with the performance of the system.

R. F. 

“We are so happy with our system!”

S. G.


Bill & Milestone are the most professional builder/contractor I have ever dealt with.

N. R.

“Love it”


“You guys are everything promised.”

Just a quick note to thank you guys again for the outstanding work in completing our solar system.  As you know, my neighbor and I had contracted with another solar company back in the early spring.  His install was first and when I saw the sloppy and disorganized work they were delivering,  I demanded a refund of my deposit and signed a contract with Milestone. I’m sure glad I did.

You guys are everything promised.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail from the roof to electrical breaker box was simply first-rate. I also liked the professional manner of the crew, which was evident from start to finish. Your ability to explain any and all of the technical aspects of the system is outstanding and important.

I too am a business owner, and you can be sure I will be recommending you guys to friends and customers at every opportunity.

Good luck in the future as you “solarize” West Virginia


Near Fairmont, West Virginia

PS – My neighbor says he feels kind of nauseous when he compares his install to mine.  I try not to gloat 🙂

“A worry-free system is an awesome thing to have.”

Ours was installed Oct. 31, 2015. It will be 2 years in another month and we have had NO issues with our system!!! Can’t say enough of “good things” about Milestone Solar. A worry-free system is an awesome thing to have. And they were ALL such a good crew to have in our home.


“The same experience”

Well said! We had ours installed 3 years ago and had the same experience.


 “Great system and great service and follow-up support when needed from Milestone!”

In early 2015, Milestone Solar completed installation of a large, dual-mode system in our very rural WV home. Dual-mode is battery and generator back up. Our power bill is less than 10% of what it was prior to the install. A few weekends back when the late winter storms blew through, our grid went down four times, for a total of about 5 hours down. We only knew the grid was down because the yard light attached to the grid went out and the house LED lights flickered briefly during the switch from grid to battery. The switch is so fast no electronics noticed the shift (no blinking clocks). Great system and great service and followup support when needed from Milestone!

C. L. 

Read this AAAAAA-rated Angie’s list review:

Angie’s List Review: March 30, 2016:


Milestone Solar Consultants, owned and operated by Bill Anderson, did our install. We purposely waited 5 to 6 months before doing a review because new stuff always looks good in the beginning but what about months later? We wanted it before the winter set in and he made that happen. ALL his workers were polite, courteous and knowledgeable about what they were doing. We had the batteries and analyzers placed in our basement. There were no boxes, wiring or any trash left lying around anywhere. They even swept. They left my house better than they found it. Mr. Anderson promised a turnkey job and that’s exactly what we got. All the wiring from the outside mounting racks to the basement equipment looks like a piece of art. Their attention to even the smallest detail is second to none! Even though they are a 4½ hour drive from us, anytime we called him Mr. Anderson made himself available to us and was ready to drive down immediately to address any concerns or issues we had, even if they turned out to be unwarranted. This shows his dedication to what he is doing, and he will do whatever is needed to see both his solar system and his customer is always happy. We’ve already experienced 3 power outages with our Electric Company and didn’t even know it. The solar system’s batteries kicked in so efficiently and quickly that our digital clocks didn’t even start blinking. When the power comes back on the batteries switch back to standby without us having to do a thing. We also ran our home on just the solar system itself, going completely off the grid (in the winter) and ran everything easily for 4 or 5 days. Which is exactly what Mr. Anderson said it would do. He has the credentials and expertise to answer any questions you pose to him. None of that, “Well I don’t know. I will have to check on that question and get back to you,” which we had with other big- name solar installers. Milestone Solar came into our home as strangers and left as family. Any and ALL questions were answered by Mr. Anderson and his crew – and there were a lot of them! And we know he will ALWAYS be just a phone call away if we have more questions or need him in any way. And that speaks volumes!! If you are looking to put in a Solar Array System, it would be to your advantage to have a quote from Milestone Solar. His prices can’t be beat, ESPECIALLY when he uses ONLY top quality equipment and materials. We looked at many different systems from other companies but Milestone Solar stood out by miles…no pun intended 🙂

” You know what you are getting and there are NO SURPRISES “

I interviewed and received bids from 4 local companies before I selected Milestone. I made my decision based on several factors. First and foremost, Bill Anderson comes from an engineering background and so he was able to customize my system to my needs. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I had to be grid-tied but I really wanted to be self-sufficient in the event of a long power outage like the ones experienced in the summer of 2012. He designed a system that would function that way, and he and his electrician were able to tie in my existing generator to top up the batteries should they become depleted due to lack of sun. So I now have the security of a redundant system.

Bill can answer technical questions. He does not function as a salesman, but rather as a problem-solver, and he is able to offer options to suit whatever budget you have to work with. He worked closely with a brilliant electrician who is also a problem-solver. He is well respected by the permitting authorities, so things sail through that process without any drama.

Additionally, the equipment used is state of the art and all documentation is provided before purchase, so one can compare for themselves. Pricing was competitive.

Installation occurred on time and was done professionally – all in about a day for the panels and a few days more for everything else. I was kept informed continuously about any issues that arose, and what would be happening when. Every detail was transparent and understandable – you know what you are getting, and there are NO SURPRISES. Those of you who have worked with a lot of construction can appreciate what I mean.

Jefferson County, WV

“We could not recommend a more professional company.”

Outfitting our 1907 brick farmhouse with solar panels called for a careful consideration of how to mount the panels without disturbing the historic look of the house. That made it a perfect job for Bill Anderson and his Milestone Solar crew.

By sacrificing a bit of efficiency, Bill aligned 10 panels with the natural slope of the porch roof, and they are practically indiscernable from the street. With three panels at maximum efficiency on the summer kitchen roof, we are realizing the savings that had been predicted. Bill was professional, flexible and kept us apace of all the developments. In one day, his crew mounted the panels, made them thoroughly operational and, oh, by the way, removed some faded plastic shutters despite wasp nests. And they preserved the integrity of our house. We could not recommend a more professional company.   Thanks, Bill !

Mr. & Mrs. R.
Washington County, MD

“The system has been performing beyond our expectations.”

We were excited about the installation of our 5.2 kW system on our house. We know we don’t have ideal conditions, being somewhat down in a “holler,”  but Bill provided us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision. The installation went quickly and professionally. All personnel were friendly and efficient. The system has been performing beyond our expectations. We are surprised that even with just a little daylight in the morning, well before direct sun hits the panels, the system kicks in and starts producing. Bill has kept in touch long after installation, always willing to give explanations and answer any questions. We are very pleased with Milestone and have recommended them to several of our friends.

Mr. & Mrs. S.
Nicholas County, WV

“Our system looks like it will pay for itself in about 7 years or perhaps just a little bit less.”

“You and your crew did a fine job with the installation process and handled a couple of minor equipment problems quite professionally. When the system was first turned on I was rather excited to see power being produced and, what’s more, produced just a little above the designed level. That was pretty good. 😉 Now, it’s been almost two months and we have produced enough power to earn our first SREC. The time required was exactly one week less than two months. It looks to me like we will be gaining perhaps a little over 6 SRECs per year.

“Our last power bill from just before we turned the array on was for $110 and a few cents. Our first power bill after system turn-on was $55 and a few cents. It cut our electric bill in half! That, plus the SRECs, plus the Federal and State tax credits, plus the proposed rate hike by our power company making our produced power even more valuable will provide a pretty decent return on our investment. Our system looks like it will pay for itself in about 7 years or perhaps just a little bit less. My wife and I are delighted with the results. We have been telling our friends about your company and our grid-tied PV system. Don’t be terribly surprised if you hear from some of our friends and neighbors one of these days. :-D”

B. M.
Fayette County, WV

“Everything we hoped for!”

“I’ve got to tell you that Pat and I are so very, very happy with our system. It is everything we had hoped for! We are loving it! Working with the folks at Milestone Solar was a great experience. We particularly appreciate the way Bill Anderson listened to our input when discussing the project and then put together a system that met all of our expectations. He kept us well informed every step of the way and was always available to answer any questions. Kudos to the entire Milestone Solar crew, their professionalism, and their superb craftsmanship.”

Mr. & Mrs. McD.
Gerrardstown, WV

“Thoroughly impressed by every aspect of the service and system”

“I had a 20-panel solar system installed by Bill Anderson of Milestone solar last fall and have been thoroughly impressed by every aspect of the service and system. Bill competently answered my questions and quickly responded to all of my concerns both before, during, and after the installation. I had consultations with other solar firms, but frankly was not impressed. Bill was knowledgeable and down to earth about everything. I have since recommended him to several of my friends and clients.”

Dr. N. H.
Berkeley County, WV

“The turn-key solution that I requested”

“I would like to discuss my recent installation of 50 solar panels on my roof by Milestone Solar. Bill Anderson, of Milestone Solar, provided me the turn-key solution that I requested. He completed all of the documents for the County and State (a daunting task in Montgomery County) and his installation crew was courteous and professional. Of special note, a previous contractor had failed to properly nail down the cap to my new roof; Bill quickly identified the problem and informed me in time to have a new cap installed at no cost and before damage was done to my house. I would recommend Bill and his crew to anyone who is thinking green and appreciates buying American products.”

G. P.
Montgomery County, MD