Ground Mounted

Ground Mount Solar System:

Produces more power


• Can be precisely oriented to the sun path to produce maximum electricity, regardless of which way your roof points

• Easier to clear off snowfall, so you still have power after a snowstorm produces a power outage

While ground mounts aren’t an option for everyone, they offer those with enough property two major advantages over roof mounts (to say nothing of a lot more minor ones):

  1. Most roofs are not perfectly oriented to the sun path. You can precisely orient a ground-mounted array for maximum production, which you obviously can’t do this with a house. Over time, the production difference will be significant.
  2. After a big snowfall, you can clear the snow off your ground-mounted array so it starts generating electricity to power appliances (and charge backup batteries, if you have them). When you consider how many snowstorms produce power outages, this can be a very big deal.


Merrell Ground Mount