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Clarification from NABCEP



In an earlier blog post, I referred to the relatively new NABCEP Associate program and called it an Associate Certification. Since then, I’ve received the following clarification from NABCEP:

NABCEP’s Associate exams provide qualified applicants with a credential, not a certification. Unfortunately, while the difference may seem small to some, it is significant to us.” [my emphasis]

In other words, (in my words) the difference between a solar installation company with employees holding the Associate Credential and one with employees who have earned NABCEP Certifications is kind of like the difference between an electrician’s helper and a master electrician.

This is very relevant and important information for potential solar buyers – especially in West Virginia recently, where marginally qualified installation contractors are showing up all around the state, and the state and most local (AHJ) officials do very little to protect the solar consumer.