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One more reason choosing Milestone makes sense

Milestone Solar is honored to have been selected as an REC Certified Solar Professional installer.

This certification is in addition to our selection as an Authorized Panasonic Solar Panel Installer (West Virginia’s only one) and as one of fewer than 100 solar installers in all of North America to have earned double NABCEP [North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners] certifications.

We’ve always believed that true economy in solar installations comes not from choosing the cheapest components, but the highest-quality, highest-performance ones. And that description certainly fits REC solar panels.

According to Clean Energy Reviews, REC is “one of the solar industry pioneers and a leading innovator of solar PV [photovoltaic] technology.”

In terms of efficiency and performance, their solar panels are ranked among the world’s top ten.

Solar Reviews calls REC solar panels “an excellent choice,” noting that “If you are looking for a panel that is built with quality in mind that will power your home for years to come, REC panels will deliver.”

While that’s the reason we’ve been recommending and installing REC panels for years, it’s only part of the reason REC named us as a Certified Solar Professional.

What REC calls Milestone’s regional solar expertise is one reason they selected us for this certification – but only one of them.

First, we underwent a thorough screening.

Next, we had to complete three courses of technical and onboarding training, pass a separate exam on each with a grade of 100%, and then complete in-person training with an REC regional manager.

Having earned REC’s certification, we can offer two important assurances that other solar installers – even those who install REC panels – can’t.

One is the assurance that we really know the product and know how to install it properly.

The second (but probably first in importance to home and business owners), is that only certified installers like Milestone can offer even stronger protection than REC’s already impressive standard warranty: 25 years of product coverage instead of REC’s standard 20, plus up to 25 years’ coverage for labor, which REC’s standard warranty doesn’t cover at all.

Residential or commercial solar is a big investment. It’s one that can pay dividends in the form of utility-bill savings, tax credits, and increased property value. So it makes good sense to protect that investment by choosing a solar installer with the certified knowhow to do the job right.