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Milestone Solar agricultural installation generates more power than five average homes use in a year

A newly completed commercial solar installation on a Washington County, MD, farm will generate more electrical power annually than five average homes use in 12 months. 

Incorporating 186 Panasonic 330-watt HIT® modules, six SolarEdge inverters and 186 SolarEdge optimizers, this best of class system is rated at 61.4 kilowatts (DC) and is expected to produce more than 85,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. The average home, by comparison, uses 15,000 kWh a year.

As a ground-mount system, it’s oriented for maximum exposure to sunlight, and Panasonic Solar’s unique internal pyramidal cell structure captures sunlight that other cells would reflect away. 

The installation was designed, engineered, installed and commissioned by the solar professionals at Milestone Solar Consultants, Falling Waters, WV.