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“Is my roof big enough for solar panels?”

What if you have a small house with a small roof? Or what if your Homeowners Association limits the number of panels you can mount on your roof? Will you still be able to get enough solar-powered energy?

The answer doesn’t depend on the number of panels, but the type. That’s because some solar modules do a much better job of

converting sunlight to electricity. Solar panels differ widely in quality; a very few are high-output, world-class modules, while many are outright pieces of junk.

Panasonic high efficiency HIT® 330-watt solar panels produce more energy per square foot than virtually any others in the world. Their internal pyramidal cell structure captures sunlight that other manufacturers’ cells would reflect away. What’s more, they have one of the best responses to higher temperatures, resulting in less voltage drop and much more output over time.

As you might expect with unusually high-power solar panels, Panasonic HITs operate at unusually higher voltages, making it imperative that the installer you choose knows how to select and install the right inverters, string sizes and conductors.

While many solar installers offer these modules, Panasonic has qualified only one company in the entire state of West Virginia to be an Authorized Solar Installer, and that’s Milestone Solar. Key factors in their extensive vetting process include training, product experience, and professional certifications, including NABCEP installer certifications.

And while Panasonic’s basic warranty covers a 25-year performance warranty and a 25-year workmanship warranty, only when you choose an Authorized Installer does it also cover the costs of shipping replacement panels and the cost of labor to install them.

If you’re still worried about roof size, Milestone is one of the very few solar installers in the area that can also perform custom-engineered ground-mount and parking canopy installations.