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Don’t let power outages ground your business



You may not have heard what caused last week’s Delta Airlines computer shutdown that grounded 15,000 flights and stranded hundreds of thousands of travelers worldwide for more than 24 hours. It was a local power outage in the part of Atlanta where Delta is headquartered.

There’s a lesson for businesses of all sizes in this: You never know when or where a power outage can occur. You do know that when it does, it can make your business as dead as Delta’s was.


Your business doesn’t have 15,000 passenger flights throughout the world each day. And it doesn’t bring in $5.9 billion a year in adjusted pre-tax income. But the smaller your business, the more devastating a full-day outage can be.

A solar system with battery backup bank doesn’t prevent outages, but it does help your business in two ways. The battery backup bank lets you survive them – by keeping the lights on, the computers up, and the electrical machinery running and by “refueling” every morning when its power source rises in the east. While the solar system cuts your electric bills and help you realize tax breaks when the power’s working normally.

So why not get a Free Solar Evaluation from the company that’s installed more battery backup solar systems over the past three years than anyone else in West Virginia? You’ll get straight answers about what could turn out to be a great form of power outage insurance.