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Battery Back-up

Blackout protection without a fossil-fuel-powered generator

If you’re considering backup power for your home, then a solar system that’s both grid-tied and with battery backup (bimodal) may be your best option. .

Over the past five years or so, we’ve installed more battery backup solar systems than anyone else in West Virginia, and, based on feedback from distributors and manufacturers, we believe we’ve installed more solar with battery backup systems than anyone within 200 miles of our office – including parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia in addition to West Virginia.  It’s our specialty and our passion, and we consider a grid-tied solar system with battery backup to be the ultimate solar system – much better than a home with a large propane generator.

On a day-to-day basis, solar with battery backup produces power you use in the house, selling back excess to the power company like any other grid-tied system. But when the power goes out, it instantly switches over to the stored energy in the batteries, so you continue living a normal life with water from the well, key lighting circuits, refrigerator and freezer, and other critical loads.

Solar with battery backup is much more complicated than the typical grid-tied system.  It requires some careful planning, design, and, most important, customer participation in determining the right size and configuration for your property.  We’ll guide you through that process.  It’s what we do.

Industry experts say solar with battery backup (storage) will be the big growth segment over the next few years.  If this appeals to you, we invite you to speak with some of our dozens of satisfied customers and let us design and install a battery backup (bimodal) system for you

“I just wanted to let you know that by late this afternoon we had totally recharged the batteries! And that was with some intermittent clouds today. So, as long as we get sun during the day I believe we could keep going forever. And I’m hearing talk that parts of the county could be without power for an entire week, so we may really give our system a good break-in

Rena and Pat McDonald Gerardstown, WV
  • Connects to your home or business and the power grid
  • High-tech sealed batteries
  • Battery pack provides power for essential circuits during outages
  • Bimodal – two systems in one. Standard grid-tied features when grid is up, off-grid with battery power when the grid is down.
  • Substantial financial incentives

Note:  If you are considering the SolarEdge / LG battery system as a backup power system we urge you to read the following article