Maryland Solar Installation

Maryland Solar Facts

Milestone Solar isn’t one of Maryland’s biggest solar installers – and we don’t want to be. By performing dozens of installations a year, not hundreds, there’s no need for high-pressure salesmanship, for rushing jobs or for cutting corners, just to make our numbers.

We’re proud to meet or exceed Maryland’s licensing standards, and to have earned the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ PV [photovoltaic] Technical Sales Certification and their PV Installation Professional Certification. (Only 93 solar professionals nationwide have earned both.)

And to make sure sure your solar array goes in on time and on budget, that it performs as promised, and that it gives you decades of trouble-free, dependable, money-saving service.

Maryland’s got plenty of sunlight for you to take advantage of.

Even when it’s cloudy, a Milestone Solar system generates electricity and saves you money.

JANUARY 8 8 16 155
FEBRUARY 8 7 15 164
MARCH 8 9 17 215
APRIL 8 9 17 231
MAY 8 10 18 255
JUNE 8 11 19 277
JULY 9 12 21 290
AUGUST 9 11 20 264
SEPTEMBER 11 9 20 222
OCTOBER 12 8 20 264
NOVEMBER 8 8 15 159
DECEMBER 8 7 15 145
ANNUAL TOTAL 105 108 213 2582


Solar Savings in Maryland

Federal Solar Credits and Incentives

IRS Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit – Your federal tax credit will be 26% of your installation price. You’ll need to include form 5695 with your Federal Tax return. This credit can be rolled over. 

USDA REAP program – Grants up to 20% of installation cost for farms or small businesses located in areas of 50,000 or less population

USDA High Energy Cost Federal Grant Program – Grants of up to $5 million.

IRS Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion – 100% subsidy for energy efficient improvements, including solar, to single- and multi-family residences

Residential Energy Efficient Tax Credit – Federal Energy Incentive – Up to $1500 for residential energy efficiency improvements including solar.

The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) lets businesses depreciate solar equipment over just five years.

maryland-md-solar-installerMaryland Solar Credits

Maryland has $266,370 to give away to homeowners and $437,373 to businesses. The Maryland Energy Administration’s Energy Storage Tax Credit Program reimburses 30% of the cost of installing battery backup storage to a new or existing solar system, up to $5,000 for a residential project and $75,000 for commercial. We can help you with the required paperwork and inspections. Then, between the state tax credit and the 26% federal energy-saving tax credit, you can save about half the cost of of your home’s battery storage system.

Maryland Clean Energy Grant – $1,000 per solar (photovoltaic) project for Maryland homes and businesses.

The state’s Clean Energy Grant Program Residential Solar Rebate Program rebates $500 per kilowatt-hour of electricity saved by solar, to a $10,000 maximum.

Maryland Solar Renewable Energy Credits – As a Maryland homeowner, you receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits for every megaWatt-hour of electricity your system generates (even when you use that electricity yourself). As of March, 2021, each Maryland SREC is worth $80. The value of your SRECs varies with market conditions, but it’s all pure profit.

Local Property Tax Credits – Anne Arundel, BaltimoreCarroll, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties all offer property tax credits. These range from 50% to 80% of assessed property taxes with maximums of $5,000 to $5 million. 


save with solar energy


Most Milestone Solar customers report their electric bills are about half what they used to be.



What to do during a power outage

  • Check your breakers and fuses.
  • Check to see if your neighbors have lights.
  • Report the outage.
Allegheny Power 800-255-3443
Baltimore Gas & Electric 877-778-2222
Delmarva Power Cecil & Harford Counties 800-898-8042
Eastern Shore 800-898-8045
PEPCO 877-PEPCO-62 (737-2662)
Southern Maryland Electrical Cooperative 888-440-3311
Sparkenergy 877-778-2222
  • Stay calm and stick together
  • Turn off any electric ovens, ranges or space heaters you may have been using.
  • Unplug sensitive home electronics that surges can damage when the power returns.
  • Stay clear of downed power lines or electrical equipment where there’s standing water.
  • Prevent possible fires by using flashlights instead of candles.
  • Don’t use gas ovens or ranges to heat your home.
  • In winter, keep your home as warm as possible by closing off unused rooms and not opening any doors unless you need to.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer cold by keeping them closed.
  • Protect your family from exhaust fumes by never, ever, running a generator inside your home, basement or any other indoor space.

What to do before a power outage

Why not call 866-688-4274 or click here to learn how a Milestone Solar system with a sealed, maintenance-free battery backup can power your essential appliances during a blackout, day or night.

You’ll get straight facts and honest answers (never salesmanship and hype) about whether solar is right for your home or business.