How well can the government protect against power grid attacks?

According to The Hill,

The threat of an attack on the nation’s power grid is all too real for the network security professionals who labor every day to keep the country safe…

One of the most fearful aspects of a cyberattack is that they can be difficult to spot, even when they are happening…

The energy sector for years has…had a mutual assistance program that kicks in during major power disruptions. Providers in unaffected areas send crews to places that have been crippled by a big storm, accelerating the work to restore power.

The assistance program could prove difficult to carry out during a cyberattack, however…

[I]t would seem that the U.S. has a rapid response plan ready to go in the event of any power grid hack.

But according to numerous cybersecurity experts, companies are mostly basing their preparations on the few case studies they’ve seen, creating the potential for gaps.

I’ve spoken to CEOs and utilities about this problem,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a congressional hearing in March. “There’s clearly more to do.”

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