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Here’s what we’re changing during the pandemic – and what we aren’t.

The coronavirus outbreak hasn’t hit West Virginia as hard as other states. Only four counties – Kanawha, Berkeley, Jackson and Monongalia – have had more than 100 reported cases. Thirty-three have had fewer than ten. And, as I’m writing this, 41 have had no COVID-19 deaths whatever. And more than half of the state’s 1,224 reported cases (630 = 51%) have recovered.

Even so, we’re not taking chances with families’ and businesses’ health and safety. At the same time, we won’t be compromising the standards of integrity, quality, and professionalism that have made Milestone West Virginia’s leading solar installer.

So when we give you facts and straight answers instead of high-pressure sales pitches, it’ll be by phone or email instead of face to face.

When we conduct a free on-site survey of your property to make sure your building’s right for solar, we’ll wear face masks, stay out doors, and keep six feet social distancing from you.

When we give you complete detailed custom plans, itemized lists of materials, and delivery schedules that we stick to, we’ll send them to you by email or snail mail instead of handing them to you in person.

We’ll still concentrate on the quality of our installations, not the quantity. So when our crews install your solar system, they’ll still take the time and effort to follow best practices, under the direction of one of only 93 solar installers nationwide to have earned the North American Board of Energy Practitioners’ Technical Sales and PV Installation Professional certifications. They’ll just be doing it wearing face masks, staying outdoors, and maintaining safe social distancing.

All of us at Milestone Solar hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Please be assured that we’ll be doing everything we know how to keep you that way.