Free Solar Consultation

Free Solar Consultation

Click here for a free solar consultation, and we’ll contact you to discuss

• Which way your building faces
• How much shading there is
• How much power you use and what you pay for it each month
• Why you want to install solar and what you expect from it
• Your roof’s type and structure
• Your financial questions

and give straight answers to any and all questions you may have.

If your property sounds like a good solar energy site, we’ll conduct a free on-site survey to

• Physically confirm your site’s orientation
• Physically check shading (the less, the better)
• For roof-mounted arrays, check your roof’s dimensions, condition, structural soundness, rafter spacing
• Inspect your current electrical equipment and service
• Physically check for any potential installation issues

If your building isn’t right for solar, we’ll tell you right then and there.

And if it is, we’ll be happy to prepare a custom, detailed proposal.

No cost or obligation either way.