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968,000 Pennsylvania homes lose power during ice storm


A February 5 ice storm left almost a million southeastern Pennsylvania households without power – some for up to nine days.

This week, WFMZ-TV News reports, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Bureau of Technical Services will hold hearings in Montgomery and Chester Counties, which were the hardest hit. These hearings are just part of a review of last month’s massive power outages.

Specifically, “Commission officials say the[y] want to hear from residents on how the electric utility communicated information about the outages and projected restoration times.”

The hearings will take place 6:30 PM, Monday, March 24, at Montgomery County Community College and 6:30 PM Wednesday, March 26, at the Tredyffrin Township Building.

As this year’s winter drags on into spring, your home or business becomes more vulnerable to ice storms that break power lines and cause outages. With a Milestone Solar system with battery backup bank, you wouldn’t have to sit shivering in the dark, waiting for “information about the outages and projected restoration times.”

You’d have power for your lights and most important appliances. You’d have no worries whatever about the flammable fuels and toxic exhausts that come with emergency generators. And you’d have electricity for as long as the outage lasts, because the battery backup bank recharges from a power source that rises every morning and works even on cloudy days.