Residential Installations


McDonald home
Inwood, WV

This is one of several grid-tied/battery backup systems we’ve installed in customers’ homes this year (and we seem to be one of the few companies that installs these systems ). In addition to all of a grid-tied system’s advantages, its sealed, high-tech battery pack can power must-have circuits such as the well pump, the freezer and the fridge when an emergency causes outside power to go down. “Pat and I are so very, very happy with our system,” says Rena McDonald. “It is everything we had hoped for! As long as we get sun during the day I believe we could keep going forever. And I’m hearing talk that parts of the county could be without power for an entire week.”

4.8 kW
20 SolarWorld 240W modules
Xantrex 4548 inverter
Xantrex MPP 80/600 charge controller
8 245 AH 12V batteries

Myers home
Fayetteville, WV

“It looks to me like we will be gaining perhaps a little over 6 SRECs per year,” Dr. Myers, a retired college professor, reports. “Our last power bill from just before we turned the array on was for $110 and a few cents. Our first power bill after system turn-on was $55 and a few cents. It cut our electric bill in half! That, plus the SRECs, plus the Federal and State tax credits, plus the proposed rate hike by our power company making our produced power even more valuable will provide a pretty decent return on our investment. Our system looks like it will pay for itself in about 7 years or perhaps just a little bit less.

5.040 kW
21 Canadian 240W modules
Centralized SMA 5000 inverter
Net-metering interconnect with Appalachian Power
Composition roof with flashing of all penetrations

Prunier home
Germantown, MD

Greg Prunier writes: “Bill Anderson, of Milestone Solar, provided me the turn-key solution that I requested. He completed all of the documents for the County and State (a daunting task in Montgomery County) and his installation crew was courteous and professional. Of special note, a previous contractor had failed to properly nail down the cap to my new roof; Bill quickly identified the problem and informed me in time to have a new cap installed at no cost and before damage was done to my house. I would recommend Bill and his crew to anyone who is thinking green and appreciates buying American products.”

12.0 kW
50 SolarWorld 240 Monos modules
Enphase 215 Micros inverter
Net-metering interconnect with Potomac Edison

Click here for a live Enphase system report.

Cold Spring Farm
Martinsburg, WV

Veterinarian Norma Hough says she’s “been thoroughly impressed by every aspect of the service and system.”

Those aspects include taking advantage of a large barn roof, trenching to take the buried cable back to the house by the most direct route, and carefully engineering components to maximize performance and avoid voltage drop over the distance from the inverter to the house’s power connection.

4.7 kW
20 SolarWorld 235 Monos modules
SMA 4000 inverter
Net-metering interconnect with Potomac Edison